• What is ProTippa?

ProTippa is a tip sharing platform that allows users to make use of verified tips from professionals in the industry, compare odds before they bet and bet straight from the tip.


  • Why use ProTippa?

Get verified tips, the best odds and the best offers from the top betting agencies and share your tips with your mates. If you want to increase your chances of winning take a look at our leader board to check out the best tippers and their tips for the next big event.


  • Is using ProTippa free?

Yes ProTippa is free to use and bet with (apart from your betting spend), you can choose to pay for tips should you want to buy any from pros on the leader board.


  • How do I sign up for an account?


Sign up via Facebook, Twitter or your email address – your password has to 8 characters a capital letter and a number.


  • How do I sign in to my account?


Enter your username and password or click “sign in” with Facebook or sign in with Twitter


  • How do I close my account?


If you have had enough of betting for a while get in contact with us and we can help you close your account. Email:


  • How do I view my account details?


Sign in and select profile from the menu, you will then be able to see your rating, rank, username and groups.


Placing a bet


  • Can I place a bet with ProTippa?

No, all bets are placed directly with our partner betting agencies


  • How can I share my tip?


Find the event you want to bet or tip on, select your odds, you will be presented with an option to bet or share. Click the share option, your phones software will allow you to share via txt, email or social media.


  • I won a bet but I haven’t received my winnings?


If you believe you have not received the correct winnings of your bet please contact the betting agency with which the bet was placed.


Selling tips


  • How do I make my tips public?


Sharing your tip into any public group will make the tip able to be seen by all ProTippa users.


  • How do I make my tips private?


If you only share you tips into private groups or send them out side of the ProTippa app the tip will remain private.


  • How do I get paid?


You set how much your tips are worth to punters, at this stage ProTippa does not have a payment platform or take a commission on earnings. To earn money from you tips you will need to add Paypal details to your profile, to learn more by consulting our Pro’s PDF.


  • How much can I earn from my tips?


Selling your tips means you have an unlimited earning capacity, to learn more by consulting our Pro’s PDF.


Buying tips


  • Why are some tips free and some paid?


On ProTippa there are 2 different types of tips, paid and free. Free tips are from members of the community and their thoughts on who will win any given event. Paid tips are from professionals or well informed users who are able to give an informed opinion on who will win any given event


  • How do I buy someone’s tips?


From the leader board select the user you wish to purchase tips from, go to their profile and follow instructions.


  • Can I subscribe to someone’s tips?

Users can join groups and follow people’s tips through those groups – some ‘Pro’ tipsters will even have ‘Pro’ groups that enable them to have people follow their tips!


  • Can I get a refund on tips I have bought?

ProTippa does not facilitate the sale of tips, it is between the user and the professional to come to an agreement. If you believe you have been charged unfairly please contact


  • How do I find good tippers?


The leader board ranks tippers from most accurate to least, this is the best way in which to assess the credibility of a tipper. On each members profile you will be able to see their pot and strike rate scores to give you further information on the tippers track record.


Free bet offers


  • Where can I see all available offers?

At the bottom of the screen there is an offers tab with all available free bet offers and bonuses.


  • How do I claim an offer?

Follow the link from the offers section and follow the instructions from that particular agency. If you are having issues please contact the agencies customer service department.


  • How long is an offer valid for?

The agencies decide how long to run their offers please refer to their information on their offer.


  • Can I claim multiple offers?

You cannot claim multiple offers from the same agency however we encourage users to use offers with different agencies.


Odds comparison


  • What betting agencies are included in the odds grid?

At this current time we have Sportsbet, William Hill, Ladbrokes and Bet365 with more on the way.


  • How often are odds updated?


Odds are updated as quickly as the agencies allow – generally they will update every few minutes, though there may occasionally be some minor difference when viewing Odds on an Agencies website.



Leader board


  • How is the leader board ranked?


The leader board is ranked on a complex combination of performance and number of tips – this is to ensure that the most successful and active tipsters will generally be at the top.


  • What does “POT” mean?


Pot is profit divided by turn over

An example of a positive POT: each tip is made with hypothetical $100 tip if you have 10 bets with $1000 worth of spend and you would have won $1500 that is a POT of 50%

(1500/1000 = 1.5 which means they won their money back plus 50%)

An example of a negative POT: each tip is made with hypothetical $100 tip if you have 10 bets with $1000 worth of spend and if they only got a return of $800 that would give them a POT of -20%

(800/1000 = 0.8 which means they only got back 80% of the money they spent meaning they lost 20% of their money)


  • What is strike?

Your win rate displayed as a percentage, how many wins a user has accumulated per number of bets made – their win rate. Eg: 7 wins out of 10 bets = 70% strike rate.


  • Why are some members tips blanked out?


Typically blanked out tips are from private groups set up by pros who are selling their tips. Some members tips are paid as they are from professional or well informed members of the public and have a higher probability of producing a favourable outcomes. Always check a members pot and strike rate to determine the credibility of their tips before purchase.


  • How often is the leader board updated?


The leaderboard will update each time you close and reopen the app.





  • What are the group types in ProTippa?


There are 3 types: Public, Private, and Pro: Pro groups are for high-performance tipsters to post tips for others to view and follow.


  • How do I create a group?

Click on groups from the menu then click on the create group button.


  • How do I remove members?


There is a simple ‘remove’ button which will take other users out of your private  group.